Design is the cornerstone of a great website

We specialize in creative design-led websites that generate tangible results for our clients.

Why is your website design so important?

Your website is often the first impression that your customers will have of your business and you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. That is why we take the creating the right impression for your business so seriously.

Key elements to consider

  • Who are you targeting?
  • Where are they accessing your site?
  • When in the buying cycle are they likely to be visiting your website?
  • What do you want them to do?
  • Why should they do what you want?
  • How will you convert them into customers?

Elements of web design

  • Branding
  • Design
  • Structure
  • Function
  • Flow

Whether your business is online only, primarily off-line or a mixture of both, you must keep consistent branding and design throughout, including your website, letterheads, business cards, paperwork, uniforms, vehicles, etc.

Make sure you consider all elements of your business within your branding and design.

Design Concept Examples

+ Steel Company

This site shows the power of imagery to convey a sense of the business strength and energy.

The site is a multi-page site with contact page, gallery, portfolio and blog.

Effective at generating business results whilst brand building through imagery and design. Visit

+ Wood Company

The key functions of any site are the same as any advert or other marketing material:

  • Take action
  • Build a brand
  • Convey a message

This site is a sample of how to convey your brand image with key information. Visit

+ Plastic Factory

Structure and form are key elements of design and this site uses them to promote key factors about the business to the visitor.

This multi-page site includes a blog, gallery, portfolio of work, contact us page and much more.

Design and function combined to promote business results. Visit

+ E-Commerce

Selling products requires an approach that will speak to the specific audience.

This e-commerce site is dedicated to the task of generating sales within a niche market.

A clean simple design providing clear functionality for fast business results. Visit

+ Coffee Shop

A simple one-page design provides a brand experience for businesses with a simple message.

Simple, clean design provides instant content, fast.

Clean and simple. Visit

+ Wedding Planner

Sometimes you want the simplicity of a one-page site combined with a portfolio of work.

This site combines all the key content on one page with a portfolio providing examples of projects completed. Visit

+ Creative Agency

A simple one-page design can provide so much more.

This one-page site includes a blog and portfolio of work.

When the message is simple the design should also be. Visit

+ Design

Taking the values and imagery of your business to create a brand that is easily recognised in your market.

Combining structure, form and function to bring your message to your market.

Simplicity in all things.

Think of the future

Beyond design you also need to consider three additional elements:


You must ensure your site is protected against hackers or you will get hacked. Ask about our 7-step process for securing your site.


Your business will evolve over time and your website must reflect these changes. Having the ability to update and modify things within your site is key to keeping your business fresh.


Every business that is considered successful within any markets goes through a process of branding and redesign on a regular basis. We ensure that you have the ability to rebrand and redesign your site every few years without having to start from scratch.

Make sure you are in control

This is your business and you must ensure that you are in control at all times. With us, you own all the rights to your website. You are the boss and we work for you at every level. Get in touch

FeaturesLead capture PageOne Page SiteMulti-page site with blogE-commerce site
Basic site description 1-page of content as per your requirements – no slider, no menu. Integrated with your chosen auto-responder. 1-page of content as per your requirements including slider with header and footer menus Home page plus 5 standard pages (About Us, Contact Us, Blog index, Privacy Policy, Website Terms & Conditions) plus maximum of 5 additional pages. As ‘Multi-page site’ with the addition of woocommerce and up to 50 products – extra products configured on a per product basis. Payment gateway integration and shipping set up etc. so that the site is completely ready to trade.
Wordpress Optional Yes Yes Yes
Contact Us form No Yes Yes Yes
Lead capture form – linked to customer’s autoresponder service (e.g. aweber, getresponse, mailchimp) Yes Optional Optional Optional
Site navigation menu No Yes Yes Yes
Slider set up No Yes Yes Yes
Blog setup No No Optional Optional
Wordfence and other security plugins to protect the site If WordPress is used Yes Yes Yes
On-site Search Engine Optimisation Yes Yes Yes Yes
90-days bug fixes and content updates Yes Yes Yes Yes
Website Hosting and on-going security & firewall updates for one year.
Included (£204 value) Included (£444 value) Included (£444 value) Included (£444 value)
Normal Price £480 £640 £1440 £2400
Special Price this month £320 £480 £960 £1600
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