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Video SEO Is Probably Your Best Opportunity For Search Ranking

Video has been shown to be the most compelling content type on the Internet, creating more engagement, increasing time on page and increases page conversion rate from 2.9% to 4.3% (that is 67% extra).

That is why search engines rank videos more readily than traditional website content, they know that video is popular with their searchers.

YouTube is Vital!

It is vitally important to optimise your videos for YouTube and here are four compelling reasons why:

  1. Google currently completes 67% of all the search requests globally.
  2. On mobile and tablet devices this raises to a staggering 94% of all searches.
  3. YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Internet, beating Bing and Yahoo into third and fourth place.
  4. Over 91% of the videos ranked by Google are uploaded to YouTube.

Google likes to promote their own properties above all others, so it is important to work with that fact. That is why Video SEO starts with YouTube optimisation.

How to prepare your video for SEO

As with website SEO there is a clear strategy to getting your video ranked on Google. These are divided into four distinct areas.

Video Production

  • Keyword research
  • Script planning
  • Script writing
  • Create a call to action.
  • Shoot your video
  • Edit your video for maximum polish and promotion

YouTube Optimisation

Getting your video shot is the first part, but there is a lot to be done when we are ready to upload your video to YouTube.

  • We need to Search Engine Optimise your channel
  • Keyword optimise your playlists
  • Link to your channel to your search engine optimised web page

Optimise The Upload Files For Video SEO

  • We edit the upload files to ensure they are optimised for up to 4 closely related keywords.
  • Uploading the video with the right keywords, title, description and more.
  • When your video is listed in the search engine optimised channel we link it to related content within YouTube.

Off YouTube Video SEO

  • As with web SEO, it is vitally important to do link building in the right way, to ensure your video is ranked effectively.
  • Your video will also need views from real people – not robots!
  • You also need likes from real people in the right proportion

We Have A Specialist Team Who Simply Love Video SEO

As a Video SEO Company we know what it take so get your video to rank highly on Google for the right keywords, carefully selected to get the right results for your business.

Start the process of ranking your business on the search engines with Video SEO.

Contact one of our video specialists now to find out how Video SEO can help your business.

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