When Don and Anita McGrae sold their highly successful business in the UK and decided to retire to the sun in Florida, they thought that life could not get any better. They enjoyed the weather and the luxury lifestyle that the retirement community offered, plus regular trips and activity. They also recognised that few Americans and Europeans could afford this type of lifestyle on the normal pensions that were available to them. Then one day on a short holiday to South America, they found a paradise lifestyle that offered them everything they wanted at a fraction of the cost of living in Florida.

Ecuador is one of the world’s undiscovered paradises that few know about or would even consider as a place to retire, but it has a number of surprises for those that take the time to find out.

Once they had set up home in Cotacachi in the Ecuadorian highlands, they knew that it was the right place to build a luxury retirement community in line with the one they lived in in Florida. That was the beginning of HACIENDA DE LAS FLORES.

Don and his business partners in MGP Group created the plans, raised the finance, bought the land and set to work. The website they built looked great and showcased the project well, but it didn’t bring in any new enquiries. Not only was the site hard to find, it had no call to action or compelling reason for visitors to interact.

Don then contacted us to help him promote the project. We immediately put together a project for him combining a new, simple, lead capture website, with Social Media and Video Marketing. Three months later this it the result:

Hi Chris,

I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the work you have done for us. The marketing strategy really has changed the way in which we are generating interest in the development.

We were in a challenging position because we are based in Ecuador but we wanted to target customers in the USA and Europe. Before we worked with you we had a website which was great for people that already know about us, but it wasn’t generating new enquiries. Since working with you we have gone from generating no interest online to having 387 people enquiring about retirement in Ecuador.

I have been very impressed with your dedication to the project and am happy to recommend you to anyone wanting to get real results online.

Don McGrae
MGP Group

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