After setting up your company’s page in various social media locations, what is the real value for your network? What happens next after you successfully established your business name via Facebook and Twitter?

Most companies understand the importance of creating multiple web presence to enhance their marketing, but what many fail to realise is that social media marketing is more than that. In fact, the real value is in how social media acts as a catalyst of customer relationship and brand management. How well do you utilise your social media network in the expansion of your business? According to a survey conducted in late 2010, 85% of marketers thought that customer insight is the most important thing businesses should use social media for and only 6% thought that social media is useful to gain customer feedback.

Marketers thought that acquiring customer’s insight is of high importance because it is genuine. This method is an effective way of getting a direct access to customer’s opinions. The more conversations you have with your network the higher the chance of learning something from them, thus the greater probability that you could actually provide products and services that they really love. If they love the products and feel part of a community, they become happy with the company. If they feel happy they will become your biggest marketing asset as they spread that happiness to others through their social networks.

But the real challenge here is which messages should you listen to and which messages should you considered to be noise. Not all messages you received from your network are helpful. You have to carefully filter them and identify which are relevant for the growth of your business. Filtering here doesn’t mean that you become a snob for those messages that you don’t like. Always remember that if you want to promote your business through your networks you have to be extra friendly and extra patient. Also, sometimes the real benefit can come from listening to the messages that say what you don’t want to hear.

Try to identify and learn valuable lesson from your network. Use these messages and comments to elevate your social media marketing strategy.

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