Getting started with social media marketing is not that difficult. Contrary to popular belief you don’t actually need to be an expert in this field, many effective social media marketers are simply armed with an efficient strategy to generate interest from their target audience.

With a myriad of social media sites sprouting up and almost all free of charge, it can be confusing to know which one to use. However, to get started it is about implementing a simple, easy to follow social media marketing plan that will help you get moving. In this way you can fully learn, how social media marketing works, figure out what you really need to do for your social media marketing strategy and get started with your social media marketing campaign in a step by step process.

So what are the actions that you need to do when starting your social media marketing plan?

  1. Start with a blog. The best way to tell your audience about your business and industry is through blogging. You have to regularly write something for your blog (at least once a week) and you need to make it relevant and interesting for your target customer base. In this way your audience can learn about the products or services that you offer by mentioning them it in your blog posts, but remember to keep the content of interest to your audience and not just a series of plugs for your products. The idea is to get followers not to put out adverts. Create an RSS feed for your blog (most blogging systems have this built in). Invite your email contacts, social networking contacts, friends and family members to subscribe to it and mention it once in awhile on your social networking sites.
  1. Create social media presence for your business. It’s not enough that you have a personal profile, wherever possible have a business profile so that you can avoid personal activities being mixed with your business posts. As with blogging it is important to ensure that the content you put out on your social networks is targeted at the people you want as customers.
  1. Engage Multimedia. People receive information in different ways, some like to read, some like to listen and some like video. One of the biggest draws on social media is video and the growth of sites like YouTube shows this. The great thing about video is that it is easily shared across multiple sites, including your blog and other social networks. Video also increased customer buy in because it is visual and multimodal, so it is effective through multiple senses.
  1. Engage your customers in your business products/services. You must be subtle about it, but never miss a chance to let your potential clients know the kind of business you have. You will never know when they are going to need you. As a general rule of thumb put out sales related content about 10% of the time, keeping 90% of your content industry related and of interest to your audience.
  1. Monitor your traffic and your daily activities. It is important to monitor the results you are getting from social media, so monitor the analytics and metrics that the various social networks provide and aim to increase the activity your posts generate. It’s all about creating a buzz of interest within your target audience.

Always remember that a successful social media marketing strategy never uses just one platform. Experiment with various networking sites, the more social media presence you have the more visible you will be to potential customers. The more visible you are, the greater the probability your marketing will be successful.

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