To maximise social media marketing to its fullest potential, you shouldn’t be directing your audience solely to your product/service site, you should be aiming to do much more than that. A common mistake by marketers new to social media marketing is that they get satisfied if people simply like or follow their social media presence. However, in reality it is not enough.

The ultimate aim of all marketing is to grow the business, so engagement must build awareness and value of the brand with the aim of converting that into sales. Social media is a very powerful marketing strategy that can make your business expand rapidly, provided you are engaging with the right audience in the right way. This is only possible if you have an effective social media marketing strategy.

When planning your social media strategy it is important to understand your audience and the type of things that will engage them with your brand. Know the demographics of your perfect customer, what their wants and needs are and what they are likely to be engaged by. This should include not only areas that are specific to your products or services, but also related areas.

For example, if you are a plumber and you want to engage with your audience mix discussions about plumbing projects and products with kitchen design and bathroom design tips, then you could also partner with a decorator to include colour schemes and advice about flooring. You can include information about the cost of various heating systems and discussions about water conservation. This would further engage your audience to interact with your site. This changes your social media presence from one of a plumber to someone that cares about all your customers home needs.

The actual challenge here is how you transform one time visitors to a product or services site to people that interact on an ongoing basis so that when they are ready to buy your business is the natural choice.

This requires that you to be more observant, sensitive and critical in order to come up with an effective strategy to attract internet users. Chances are if people like what you write, post and tweet, there is a good chance that your activity will create real traffic, allowing people to share your content from one platform to another.

If you are a small business or your have a Managing Director that is highly visible, it is important to include a small amount of the personal. Research shows that people are actually eager to know more about the person they are dealing with to decide whether their products or services are trustworthy or legitimate enough for them to use.

Don’t just think that social media marketing as a phase for your business to get through because it is not, and whether you accept it or not this is the key that can empower your business to success.

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