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According to Google, nearly half of all searches are locally targeted. This means your customers are searching for your services within your local area – so you need to ensure they find you.

Local Search Engine optimisation is about getting your website to rank on the search engine results for geographically specific searches. So if your business covers a specific service area, then your target customers will probably search for your product or service using the name of your city or region in the search term. For example, if you are a plumber working in Birmingham, then your target customers may well search for the term “plumber Birmingham”.

Local SEO ensures that your business will rank for the search terms that your potential customers are likely to use. Being found when your potential customers are searching for your product or service is a key element in getting business. When a customer performs a geographically target service, then Google will show them the three types of results – the paid search ads, the organic search results and the local listings.

At Cherry Pit Solutions we understand that there a re specific strategies that will allow your business to rank highly in any of these areas, but the local listings appear above the organic results, so it is very important that your local SEO service promotes your local listing effectively.

Local SEO Gets You More Business

Having a successful local SEO campaign is vitally important to any company wanting to drive leads and gain sales from a specific local service area. In the past you would have put your add in the Yellow Pages and all your potential customers would know where to go to find you. Today local search result have replace the phone book for most people – the only problem is that there are just 10 to 13 slots on the first page of Google, so you really need to work smart to get the lions share of the customers.

What If You Have More Than One Location?

It could be that your business operates across multiple locations. In which case you can generate local SEO campaigns for each branch you have. This ensures that your business is visible locally wherever your customers are in the country. Just because you want to be seen as a national business, don’t neglect local SEO, you need to focus on getting the business.

Our Local SEO Service

At Cherry Pit Solutions, we follow a very specific process when developing your local SEO campaign and develop a clear, measurable strategy to drive your local search ranking.

Local Competitive Analysis


  • Market research and analysis of your service area.
  • Analysis of the local search competition within your service area.
  • Uncover and understand the search rankings of your local competitors.
  • Reveal the commercial value of your competitors’ search rankings.
  • Local keyword phrase analysis to determine the optimum keywords, including monthly and annual search volume.

Local Nap Citations


With an effective search strategy your business will be found across multiple directories, so it is important to ensure the information is accurate:

  • Name – ensure your name is correct and in line with your brand.
  • Address – Make sure your business location is listed correctly, or you could be missing business.
  • Phone number – there are many reasons why a number may change, or it could have been entered incorrectly.

Many low cost SEO companies do not take the time to update your directory listings, focusing purely on the link value, not the citation value. At Cherry Pit Solutions we will ensure that all your NAP information is correctly listed – always.

  • Auditing your existing directory and profile listings.
  • Adding new citations across relevant and valued sites.
  • Researching and more local directory and profile listing opportunities.
  • Monitoring and managing your local listing on an on-going basis.

Website Audit And Analysis


Search engines do not like errors with your website. If you site has problems then your ranking will suffer.

  • Identify technical errors that keep search engines away – search engines penalise sites that have coding errors.
  • Improve web page elements that can perform better – site speed is a key factor in search ranking.
  • Discover technical problems that only search engines see – often you may not know they are there, but the search engines do and they care about this type of thing.

You may think your website is error free, but the chances are it’s not. We will produce an audit report that will identify all the errors and how critical they are to your site ranking.

Managing And Optimising Your ‘Google My Business’


Google My Business is where you set up your local listing on Google. This places your business on the Google maps and tells Google what to list about your business when you hit the local search results.

  • Optimise your listing for your business name, address and phone number.
  • Claim your Google maps listing.
  • Backlink optimise your listing for maximum SEO impact.
  • Include your business hours and services.

SEO Localised Web Content


Creating and publishing web content that is localised and keyword optimised.

  • Using on-going keyword research we create web content that is optimised to your service area and campaign strategy.
  • Ensure that the links built connect to strategically designed content within your website, ensuring optimum indexing by the search engines.
  • Creating localised content that is compelling for your target customers, for use within your site to ensure that your site, to ensure optimum visitor engagement, a key metric in search ranking.

On-Going Local SEO Measurement And Management


  • On-going link building based on localised keyword optimised campaign strategy.
  • On-going local SEO content creation for placement on strategic websites.
  • Monitoring and reporting on your site ranking, links, organic traffic, calls and leads.
  • Monitor your top competitors.

As we monitor and measure your Local SEO results we will also tweak and update your campaign strategy to ensure optimum results.

Why Hire Us To Do Your SEO

If you’re like most business owners you have a myriad of jobs to do on a daily basis. You are responsible for business growth, but doing SEO yourself simply isn’t efficient use of your time. To try and do everything that is needed to get your business on the front page of the search engines and keep it there, takes a lot of time, knowledge and effort. You want your business to provide for your family – not keep you away from them. So hiring Cherry Pit Solutions to do your search engine optimisation gives you more:

  • A professional SEO team working across multiple disciplines to get the results you need.
  • Complete, monthly reports clearly identifying the results and progress in a clear, easy to understand way.
  • Progress against your competitors measured and identified.

With Cherry Pit Solutions you benefit from a clear campaign strategy that gets results – measured and quantified.

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