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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Looking for a great SEO company?


We research the optimum keywords you should be ranking for.


We review your site performance against these keywords


We will create an action plan to drive ranking for your website.

On-site Optimisation

Optimise your site text, structure and images to ensure Google and the other search engines know what your site is about.

Off-site Optimisation

Using only the most effective white-hat techniques, we will carefully build the right balance of links, posts and comments from the optimum balance of high and medium ranking sites to ensure Google and the other search engines rank your site highly.

Google search some keywords related to your business. Does your website appear on the first page? If not, you’re losing business to your competitors.

It doesn’t matter what type of business you have, SEO is a key element in your marketing strategy. Depending on your industry, you could be receiving hundreds of leads every month, just from SEO. Industries such as plumbing, flooring, building etc. get thousands of searches every month in the local area.

At Cherry Pit Solutions we work with companies of all sizes to improve their site ranking and generate additional traffic to their website.

Local SEO for Small Businesses

If your business is operating in a local area, whether retail, services or production, local search engine optimisation is key to raising awareness and sales for your business. Local SEO is the process of optimising your website so Google and the other search engines register your website as the place to send traffic in your service area.

Location, Location, Location

In traditional retail it is all about where you business is physically located. On the Internet it’s about being in the right place on the search results for your local area. When your next potential customer is searching for your services within your area, will they find you or your competitors in their Google search?

Getting your website on page one of Google could mean the difference between potential customers calling you or your competitors.

At Cherry Pit Solutions, we bring the same dedication to local search engine optimisation as we do for global SEO.

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Franchise SEO Services

When you buy a franchise, you want your business to outperform the competition in your area.

You want to hit the ground running and that means attracting new customers. Cherry Pit Solution’s franchise SEO service will do just that.

As with every business your online presence is something that many of your prospective customers will look to when deciding if you are the right business for them to work with. If they can’t find you, then they will usually chose someone they can.

Whether your franchise provides you with a website presence or you have to build your own, our franchise SEO service will help to drive your search ranking.

Working within the confines of a franchise structure offers specific challenges that you can over come with a dedicated franchise SEO service.

Find out more about the way Cherry Pit Solutions can address these challenges and get your business ranking.

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Enterprise SEO Services

When your website is being outranked by smaller businesses, it makes your business look out-dated and out of touch.

As an enterprise organisation, you need to your business to have a search ranking according to your place in the market. By taking your real-world authority online, you will see a measurable rise in traffic, leads and sales from organic search queries.

But, search engine optimisation for enterprises hold specific challenges, not least because enterprise websites are often much larger than SME websites and SEO was not part of the initial planning process.

Often there are hundreds or even thousands of pages, poorly structured, poorly optimised, with URLs that fail to include keywords.

We have the strategies and capabilities to rebuild your website using the latest silo structures, to allow the search engines to see your site as a multi-faceted, multi-focus authority resource. All without damaging current external linking or references.

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Our philosophy

We have a simple philosophy when it comes to SEO, we will do what it takes to build a sustainable increase in your search ranking across multiple search engines, using only techniques that promote long term authority status.

This means using only the on-site and off-site search engine optimisation strategies that Google and the other search engines allow at all times.

There is no point in gaining high ranking in a few weeks, only to see Google suddenly blacklist your site and demote it to page 30.

At every stage of the process we will track, measure and tweak the SEO strategy we employ for your site to ensure you continue to get the results you need.

Our philosophy is to build it well, build it strong, adapt and measure, so that you get the right results for the long term.

The SEO Process


We start by researching the optimum keywords that are likely to generate the right traffic for your business. This involves more than just the basic Google suggestions, but also looking at the keywords that are likely to result in buyers more than tyre kickers – you want traffic to generate business, not just the curious.

Site SEO Audit

Next we complete a full SEO audit of your site to see where we need to make changes to the structure and content. You need to know if you have a site that can be ranked for your top keywords and if not, what we need to do about it.

Create a Search Engine Optimisation Action Plan

From the information in the research and audit phase, we will create a plan if action that will include all the steps needed to optimise your website as well as the external link building and authority actions we will take to promote your site ranking.

Measure, Tweak And Repeat

Each month we will measure your site ranking for each of the keywords, tweak the action plan and repeat the process of building your site authority.

This process of measuring and tweaking the site authority is probably the most important phase of the process as it allows us to scientifically build your search ranking in a controlled and effective way.

What You Get From Us:

  • You will get a dedicated SEO account manager who understand business as well as the technology of SEO.
  • Every month you will be provided with a detailed report showing the progress being made on specific keywords and phrases.
  • A team of dedicated experts in every area of the SEO process, including website designers, developers, content writers as well as the SEO specialists.

Be Wary of Promises of Fast SEO Rankings!

Not everyone that claims to be specialist in SEO is what they seem. There are many people that will seek to get rapid results by using black-hat techniques. These can generate fast results in the short term, but in the end Google and the other search engines, could blacklist your site – so you end up languishing on page 30 of the results.

You must ensure your SEO Company follows good practices:

  • Make sure they follow the Google search engine webmaster guidelines.
  • How do they determine the success of your project? If all they look at is ranking, then you could be wasting your money – we focus on a combination of traffic and conversions. There is nothing more important that real business results from your investment.
  • What happens if you want to switch to a different strategy and SEO is no longer your top priority? With some SEO companies, you suddenly find you only rented the content, links or website. With us, that is not the case. Everything we produce for you is yours and yours to keep.

Don’t let your business be harmed by unethical SEO strategies; these ‘black-hat’ techniques will ultimately cost you your ranking and your reputation.

At Cherry Pit Solutions, we know that the right results mean long term, sustainable traffic and conversion.

Call Cherry Pit Solutions today and ask about a free SEO report for your business.

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