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When Rosana Fiore wanted to host her first Yoga Retreat she knew it would need to be promoted well.

As part of the process of creating a presence on the Internet, she wanted a website dedicated to

the retreat. The brief was to create a website that would include a simple clean design with a

direct call to action. The website we created encompassed simplicity and white space, providing

user requests and customization options.

all the information the visitor needs in a concise easily navigated way.

The result was pleasing to Rosana and provided a platform for her to market her retreat.

Chris’ work has been impeccable throughout our collaborating process, and beyond!

Not only was his turnaround fast, but it was also very intuitive -I felt I was being understood from the get go-, and that helped the process of creation of my website with purpose.  I wanted a site to promote my yoga retreat, and Chris did exactly that in a couple of days.

He was also a great consultant, and provided with a very thorough list of points of action that have become my go-to marketing guidelines till now.

I would definitely recommend working with Chris because of his expertise, speed and generosity.

It’s such a relief when you find like-minded professionals you can trust to speak your voice and show your vision as you would, but fully informed!

Best wishes,

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Date: 3rd March 2016

Client: Corfu Yoga Retreat

Project url:

Category: Display, Web design

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