Ever since Google first started they have been dedicated to ensuring the users of their service always get the very best most relevant results available. Over the years they have added relevance for a wide number of things including link quantity, link type, link source, keyword content and more.

For a while it was social media links, then video took over, but the never ending move towards mobile devices including smart phones, phablets and tablets has meant that Google is about to release another massive shift in the way they rank search results. As of 21st April 2015, the ability of the site to be viewed on a mobile decide will have a significant impact on the page ranking of the site.

Over the years anyone that has worked on SEO has seen pages rise up the rankings only to be trashed by Google when they release a new algorithm. This one is one that has been on the cards for some time. Anyone that has been tracking the changes in the way the Internet is accessed cannot help to have seen the massive shift from desktop to mobile in the last few years.
The major shift happened when Apple released the iPhone, but the growth in Android has been the most important factor. Google created Android and one thing Google is passionate about is supporting their own products and services. So as mobile use grows, Google are keen to ensure mobile users get the best possible experience.

If your site was created by us in the last couple of years then you have nothing to fear from this change, in fact you should see you page ranking increase. However, if you site was not developed by us or was developed before we made the switch to responsive site design, then you may want to get us to check how Google will respond to your site. We can arrange to get your site checked to see that it is compatible with Google’s new search ranking and thereby ensure that you do not loose your place in the search results.

Simply contact us now to find out more.

Ensuring your site is suitable for mobile devices is much more than just maintaining your page rank on Google’s search results, it is also about ensuring that visitors to your site get the right impression of your business. In a study done last year, Google reported that most mobile users bounce off a site that is not suitable for viewing on a smartphone or tablet and that 60% of searches are now done from mobile devices. ComScore also reported that global mobile Internet usage passed desktop usage in 2014.

These factors combined to make this change an important requirement for Google.
So if your site is not mobile responsive, then you should expect to see a decline in your page rank, traffic and user engagement. Take action today to maintain your site ranking.

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