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… It’s The Only Thing

I recently had a customer that didn’t like the idea of investing in marketing, he was happy to do a little here and there, but he wanted his business to be above the hype and the gloss of the other companies.

Little wonder his business was a fraction of the size of the top businesses in his market. He believed that those who appreciated the science behind his products would be happy to buy and that those who were taken in by the hype and razzmatazz of the big companies would eventually come to realise their mistakes. Unfortunately, I have known this business for over 20 years and they are still much smaller than the companies that embrace marketing and let it lead their business direction.

You might think he is right to focus on his product, sell it for a lower price than the others and then accept that his business will never reach its full potential, but I believe Jay Abraham had it right when he said this attitude is selfish and means that many people are condemned to waste their money and suffer with inferior products because of short sighted attitudes to sales and marketing.

In a talk I heard Jay give, he said it quite simply: He said that if you have a superior product then you have a duty to do everything in your power to ensure you sell it to every single person in your market in such a way that you get the message across to them effectively and forcefully.

This customer I talked to definitely has a superior product but I firmly believe he is failing his market, by failing to market.

So What Does Marketing Cover?


Let me explain.

Your market needs three things:

  • A product or service that solves a problem in the right way for that market.
  • They need to know the product or service exists in such a way that they understand that the product is right for their needs
  • They need the product or service delivered in a way that allows them to know that they are getting what they need.

You need three things:

  • To sell your products or services in sufficient quantities, at a price that covers all the running costs of your business with a significant profit.
  • To maintain your customer base so that you continue to sell your products or services on an on-going basis.
  • To deliver your products or services in such a way that is cost effective for you and pleasing to your customers.

Anything other than these six points is not part of your business and all of these are part of marketing.

Let me just repeat that last line – Anything other than these six points is not part of your business and all of these are part of marketing.

Anything that is important to the process of selling your products into your market is part of marketing.

Which means marketing covers everything from product design to product use, including sales, advertising, delivery, customer service – even how your accounts department chases in the money. Yes! Even your accounts department is part of how your business is perceived by your market – so make sure marketing covers it.

Who’s The Daddy!

You only have to look at the largest businesses in any sector and you will quickly see brands that are masters of controlling the market they are in – that is marketing.

Take a look at the largest company in the world – Apple. They are masters of marketing, but it isn’t about great advertising or a swish website – The entire product creation, user interface, design, packaging, stores, paperwork, manuals – everything that impacts the customer in any way is carefully designed to meet the desires of the market. Apple design their products to be exactly what their market wants with a style and functionality that their customers will fall in love with.

That is why Apple is The Daddy!

Wherever your business comes in contact with your customers or has an affect on something that comes in contact with your customers, then it is part of the marketing of your business.

Anything in your business that has no impact on your customers should not be part of your business.

So that is why marketing isn’t everything – it’s the only thing.

However, this makes marketing a massive part of your business and a massive part of your responsibility, but it is a responsibility that is critical to the success of every CEO or Managing Director of every business. If you’re not good at marketing then get someone in who is and make sure they get the ability to drive marketing throughout the structure of the entire company, from the cleaner to the delivery driver, from product design to product delivery.

Now take the challenge on.

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