rssEffective social media marketing does not only depend on how many fans and how big your network is because a huge number of fans and connections will be useless if you can’t make them engage with your company and buy your products and services. It will only make sense if this audience is transformed into raving fan customers who help you publicise your business products and services without you telling them to do so.

Many people think that if they have established a good number of fans, followers, friends and subscribers, then the job is done and they will stop developing their social media marketing plan. However, seasoned marketers knows that this is not enough. You don’t only make a marketing plan for marketing alone – you make a marketing plan to increase sales and profits within your business.

One of the key places you can test out your social media muscles and get feedback about your reach and engagement is on Facebook with a Facebook Business Page.

It has been widely promoted as the top notch site in terms of ad impressions and social networking, so you might as well maximise it to inform the public that your business exists. This is particularly useful if you are currently launching a new product or doing a time sensitive promotion.

It is important to understand the common factors that your target audience has. For example Nike use specific imagery and content to appeal to an active (or aspiring to be active) late teen early twenties audience. You can actually observe how well you engage with your target audience via your own facebook stats. The next step is to do more of the things your target audience likes and drop the things that fail to engage them.

One key factor is to remember to keep your message simple and focused, aim at your prime audience and engage on their terms. This does not mean that others will not be attracted to your messages, it simply helps to build an image in the mind of your audience. When you do all these things you cannot fail to grow the engagement, and by extension the business, from your key buyers.

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