facebookNeed hits to your Facebook pages? Is no one visiting your page and providing Facebook likes? Building a following of Facebook users for your content is no easy task. While Facebook has many users the site is so large that your amazing content can get lost in the sea of pages on the social networking site. Without enough Facebook likes your page isn’t going to get looked at very often. Here are some ways you can increase Facebook likes and bring more users to your pages.

Use Your Website

You probably already have a website or blog about your business or service that you offer. You can increase your Facebook likes by installing widgets on your blog or website to drive traffic to your Facebook pages. Without a good traffic flow you’re not going to get the visitors you need to your page. Put your widgets in key locations of your website.


You probably already have a newsletter for your business and website. Add a link to your Facebook page when you send out your newsletter. This will help bring more traffic to your page and potential likes to your page. This is a no cost way to advertise your Facebook page. You can also write articles and use directories to gain more visitors an potential likes.

Page Content

Another way to get more Facebook likes is to make sure your page actually has some useful content for the user. Do you have plenty of images and video? If you have good content this will help you get more likes from people. No one wants to become a fan of your page if it has nothing to offer them. Make your page stand out so the Facebook user has some incentive to click and like the page. Without good page content you’re not going to get the likes you want and your page won’t spread to other users like you want it to.

Good Video

Make sure the video you have on your site is top notch. Consider having a good introduction video so people know what you’re all about. Get the user excited about your company or service. Don’t use plain boring videos that don’t say anything. Facebook is an amazing advertising platform so use video to get those likes that you want and need for your business or service you provide.

Give Something Away

Contests are a great way to get more users to your pages. People love contests and this can be a way to generate excitement for your Facebook page s and get more Facebook likes than ever before. You might try some free offers too which can help you get more likes. Just be creative and offer the person an incentive to become a fan. If you’re offering things for free on a periodic basis you’ll probably have a fan that sticks around and tells their friends about your product or service too.


Twitter is another platform that has a huge following. You can use it to advertise your Facebook page to your Twitter followers. Since these followers are probably already interested in you to some degree, sending out your Facebook page link probably won’t be much of a problem. This makes it easy to advertise your pages on a periodic basis and it’s great when you have something free to offer or when you’re doing a major promotion. Once you do this you should get more likes to your pages than before.

Buy Likes

It’s also possible to buy likes to your Facebook pages. This can work but you’ll need to invest in it so it might not be for everyone. You’ll need to be careful with the company you select to bring you Facebook likes. You can do this if you feel that other methods are just failing and you’re not getting the number of likes that you’re looking for.

Facebook Likes

It’s possible to get more Facebook likes for your page. Provide good content such as videos and images. Use your website, newsletters and other content to drive traffic to your page. Provide some free content on occasion and use other social media sites such as Twitter to drive visitors to your page and in return get more Facebook likes.

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