Pinterest is one of the newest social media platforms on the internet. The basic idea is sharing pictures on the internet that relate to things in your life. These shares are known as ‘pins’. The uptake of pinterest has been huge, so large in fact that signups are currently limited. Like any new social media website Internet Markets have jumped straight onto the bandwagon to find out how to utilise Pinterest to drive traffic to your website. In this article I am going to discuss a few of the techniques that people have come up with so far, remember, this site is new so the techniques are constantly evolving and some many change dependent on changes to the pinterest terms and conditions. Always check first whether the technique can still be used before spending time on it.

One of my favourite features about Pinterest is that it allows a more eye-catching way of promoting your website. Imagine it being like twitter only with images. A sure-fire way to drive traffic to your website is to create eye-catching images. People in the art industry have found particular success with promoting themselves via Pinterest. The good thing about Pinterest is how well it is integrated with twitter and Facebook, create something that is worth sharing and you could end up going viral.

If you have a website that can be summed up in an image then Pinterest is a great way to drive traffic to your website. If you are promoting to informative websites then it may not be so good, although you could always try and do it and see if there is any effect.

Make sure you have buttons on your website that allows your content to be easily shared via pinterest. Whilst it may not get as many shares as through other social media networks it is still worth trying to get a few new shares for your business, after all one single share could end up making your content go viral.
If you have Google Analytics installed on your website keep a look at it to see where hits are coming from on pinterest. If one specific type of content is achieving more hits than any other then try and share some more around the same subject.

Finally, it is absolutely vital that you fill out your pinterest blog completely. Fill in any information that may be relevant to your website, whether it is your website URL or letting your users know that you have a mailing list. This could help drive some new users onto your mailing list.

All of the tips should go a long way to helping you bring more traffic to your website; you can even play around with a few of these to develop your own techniques. You are incredibly lucky that you have discovered this website during its infancy; things can only get bigger for pinterest in the future and you can ride on the back of its success.

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