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Content Marketing

What is content marketing?


When you allow Cherry Pit Solutions to double your business, one of the methods we will use is content marketing. If you’re wondering what content marketing is, allow me to explain.

I’ll show you what content marketing is, as well as how it works for your business.


Content marketing is the creation and distribution of free, valuable content in order to attract prospects, turn them into customers and keep them buying from you.

These pieces of content could include:

  • Videos
  • Articles on your website
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • Mobile apps
  • Buyers’ guides
  • Press articles
  • eBooks

and many more …


What makes content marketing such an effective way of building your business? It’s because people would rather make their own minds up having read great information, than be sold to.

Content gives your audience the information they need to decide to buy your product, without feeling like they’re getting the hard sell.

Content marketing is effective when it reaches your prospects at the right time, moving them along their buyers’ journey.

There are 3 stages of the buyers’ journey, and we can use content to progress them along at every stage.

  • Awareness – Your prospect needs a solution to a problem, but they are not aware a solution exists. We can produce a piece of content that shows them exactly how what you do relieves their pain.
  • Consideration – People rarely buy the first product they see. They research the marketplace to find the best product for their needs. We can use content to make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Decision – The prospect becomes a customer. This is the point where we use content to turn them from a one-off customer into a raving fan who’ll tell their friends about you.

Content is great for getting people to know you, like you and trust you. You can use content to spread information about the benefits of what you do. It’s very effective for solving a problem for your audience, and when you solve a problem, they’ll usually reward you by buying from you.

Finally, pieces of online content, such as videos and articles, are easy to share. If you can make content that people want to share with their friends on social media, they’re spreading the word for you!

Content marketing with Cherry Pit Solutions

At Cherry Pit Solutions, we have all the expertise you need to run an effective content marketing campaign.

We have expert writers, video producers, web designers, mobile designers and much more. We’re ready to start creating amazing content for you, today.

Contact Cherry Pit Solutions today to find out more.

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