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13 Steps To Protect Your Website From Hackers

Your website is more than just a brochure, it is your shop window on the Internet, the digital face of your brand, the most important part of your online image. So, if your site gets hacked it can massively damage your brand and your business prospects – possible even fatally.

The 13 steps outlined on this page are designed to ensure that your site is, as far as possible secure against hackers – or at least makes your site so difficult a target that they are likely to skip over to the next one.

Implement these steps and your site will be safer that 99.99% of the others on the web. Continue reading

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Website Rebranding Puts The Cherry On Top (At Last)

I know, I know! I tell all our customers that they really must keep their website design and branding up-to-date and fresh, but then why has it taken us 3 years to get round to redesigning our website?

The answer is simple – like so many other businesses out there, we get so focused on doing great work for our clients that we sometimes let our own branding and design lag behind. I’ve seen this in so many companies and as humans we are not immune to this. Continue reading

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6 Key Elements Of Great Web Design

There are almost as many ideas about great web design as their great web designers and that is for good reason – there is no one set of rules to follow for great website design. However, there are a few key principles that you should follow to ensure that your site projects the image you want and generates the results you need. These 6 key elements will help you projects the image you want and generates real results for your business. Continue reading

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