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Who is your protagonist?

When you tell a great story of your business, product or service, who are you aiming your story at? This is the most important question I ask all my clients – “who is your ideal customer?”

Notice I didn’t ask, “who is your average customer?” as your average customer is generally not the person you want the most. Most often your average customer is not the one that generates the most profit. Your ideal customer on the other hand, is the one that causes the least hassle and pays their bills promptly, without fuss. So, you want to target your adverting at the person you want to attract to your business.

Every great story has a protagonist – the person in the story that has to change in some way in order to give the story meaning and purpose. After all, if nothing changes and there is no great revelation within a story, then you would leave the cinema or put down the book and say “So what?” – and the same is true for your advertising.

Every story needs a protagonist and the protagonist has to grow in some way to give purpose to the story, and this is true for your marketing story as well. When you create great narrative to promote your business products and services, then you need to have your very own protagonist at the centre of your story.

Take for example the TV commercial for the new Amazon Kindle Fire HD. This ad has a very clear protagonist, a busy mum with a 101 things to do every day. Which busy mum doesn’t identify with this and the problem of dropping things and putting them in the wrong place? The protagonist in this case is just learning why she bought the Kindle instead of the iPad.

Take this commercial from 1983 for Yellow pages (the pre-Internet version of Google). In this ad the protagonist is J R Hartley, he spends time searching for a book using the old fashioned way of travelling from shop to shop, only to return home empty handed. Then he is handed a copy of the Yellow Pages to phone shops instead of visiting them and the scene closes with him finally finding the book. This is a typical quest story and the protagonist reaches his goal because he uses the Yellow Pages.

Your business must have a protagonist. In marketing terms this is referred to as your avatar – the ideal customer. For example, if your product is aimed squarely at married men in their 40s, then you need to have a protagonist as a married man in his 40s.

Now you need to create the story around him. You have to identify their problem and include a positive shift in their fortunes as a result of using your product or service.

Intel have long been the largest microprocessor manufacturer, but in recent years they have seen massive competition from the likes of ARM in the mobile space. They have also seen that a lot of tablet users are frustrated that they can’t always do the same as they can with their laptop, so then end up with both. Having identified this problem, they are working on shifting the buying criteria of the business user with this ad. In this ad the protagonist doesn’t even speak.

Nothing speaks to your ideal customer more than experiencing the benefits of your product or service from their point of view. Once they have bought your product the job has been done, but until then you have to get them to identify with your protagonist.

Your protagonist needs three things:

  1. They must have a problem or challenge that your target audience can identify with.
  2. They must be the type of person your target audience can identify with in terms of age, gender and social group.
  3. There must be clear synergy between them, your product and your target audience. If there is any disconnect at all, your message will fall down at this point.

When you incorporate all these factors into your advertising, you get to power through the questions your target audience have and fit their key desires fast.

So, from this post and the last you have the plot of your story and the protagonist, but what should the narrative be? We will cover that in the next post.

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How To Get the Latest YouTube Homepage Now

YouTube is currently testing a new homepage design. According to social media experts you can enable the new design right now using a cookie. The advantage of this method is that you can clear the cookie to return to the old YouTube interface, no harm done.

However, take note that this is being tested right now by Google. This new test homepage may or may not become the new YouTube homepage in the future. For now, YouTube visitors can enable it using the following steps:

  • Open the YouTube website.
  • In Chrome, press Ctrl-Shift-j to open the Developer Tools
  • In Firefox, press Ctrl-Shift-k to open the web console
  • Enter document.cookie=”VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=ST1Ti53r4fU”; in the console tab.
  • Reload the YouTube page.

As you follow these steps in your browsers, you will noticed that in the new homepage, YouTube users can find their channel information prominently displayed on the left side. Listed here are links to the channel videos, likes, history and watch later groups, subscription information, YouTube specific information like trending or what’s popular as well as suggested channels to subscribe to. So if you have a company channel, your visitors can easily know more about you using the new homepage.

The middle column is filled with updates from a user’s subscriptions. The right column displays recommended videos based on past videos that have been watched and activities on YouTube.

The new design seems to only affect the homepage and no other parts of the site. If you have tried please don’t hesitate to tell us what you think about it.

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Video Marketing To Boost Your Business

These days, online video marketing has already proved its efficacy in advertising. In fact, social media experts regard it to be an advance marketing strategy every business should include. Creating your own video production doesn’t necessarily require you to be an expert before you can enjoy significant benefits. Although, acquiring some technical skills can be an advantage, it is not mandatory. As long as you have the basic idea on how to operate your tools and you have a creative mind then you’re good. Continue reading

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Social Media Marketing Facts: Unleashing the Secret of a Successful Viral Video

There has been a massive trend in recent years that is manifested in how we become easily affected with the things we see online and in the mainstream media.

The instant popularity of viral videos that we see online can be one of the most efficient tools in making your online business increase its traffic in lightening fast time. This article will talk about how you can create a viral video.

What is a viral video?

 It is a video that is shared repeatedly with the aid of social media, email, word of mouth and the like. These viral videos can create hundreds, thousands or even millions of visitors.

In a recent social media marketing strategy survey, it has found to be a good tool for link baiting or back linking. Viral videos build massive authority and create intense brand awareness that can easily catapult an online business, product or personality from being obscure to instant fame.

There are two kinds of viral videos:

  • i. The Slice of life: these are usually made up of uncommon skills, curiosities and wow moments, things like people showcasing amazing skills, pets or events etc.
  • ii. Transcendence videos: we call them transcendence videos because these are videos that cause the individuals watching to transcend, by helping them gain important knowledge, get specific results, build confidence etc. Alternatively they will reduce the costs for the person in terms of time, pain or confusion.

So, how to increase traffic using viral videos? The answer is very easy, you just have to make sure that you make a lot of them. Why rely on one unique video when you can create 100 easy videos that could go viral? Having a formula for creating viral videos is one thing, hitting the fine line that actually ensures they will go viral is a completely different matter. By implementing the formula across multiple videos you increase the chances of going viral many times over.

In making viral videos you have to make sure you do the following:

  1. Keep your videos short.
  2. It should be focus on one desired objective.
  3. It should be dead simple, avoid using clinical words, technical words that can intimidate your audience – like the most popular newspapers, keep it concise and simple.
  4. They should be friendly.
  5. They should be interesting. It should be exactly what your target audience is looking for.

Implementing viral videos as part of your social media marketing strategy is an extremely effective technique that can generate significant returns, not just in the long term but also in the short term.

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Adapting Video Marketing Services to Different Industries

It is important to look at the differences in the video marketing services strategy for each industry and business type. Obviously I cannot put together a comprehensive plan for every different business, but I can go over some generalities that you will need to consider in your business. This is one of the biggest factors in what we do to ensure that the marketing strategy for the businesses we work for is closely tailored to their specific needs.

Every industry has specific requirements that mean that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to social media and video marketing. It depends who your target audience is and what you are selling to them.

Key factors:

  • Are you selling business to business or business to consumer
  • How long is the sales cycle?
  • What is the decision process
  • Is this a lead generation process or a sales process
  • Demographics of your customer – age, gender, social group.
  • Industry sector
  • Content style – light hearted through to highly analytical
  • Can the benefits be shown in a video or would you use statistics or interviews?

These key factors then determine the way in which the social media and video marketing strategy is put together, the key sites and content of the marketing.

For example if you are selling tax books to an accountant then videos of skate boarding youths is not going to be much use. But if you run a radio station, the skateboarding youths could be your target audience.

Also if you are generating leads that will be followed up by a sales man, then the process will be difference to one where you are closing the sale and taking the money directly online.

If you are in real-estate then your aim is to generate buyers or sellers contacting you. In this case you would put together a different marketing strategy for the buyers compared to the sellers. Though there would be some overlap between the two the needs of a buyer are very different to those of the seller.

Likewise in the IT industry, the marketing needs of a solution sales business are completely different to a distribution business.

So the bottom line is that every business must be treated individually and the marketing strategy developed for that business.

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Video Marketing

Social Video Marketing is the single most powerful form of marketing you can use to create real results for your business – fast. No other single media has as much impact on your business results.

In this module we are going to go over why social video marketing is so powerful and what the results can be for your business in lightening fast speed.

Video Facts:

  • Video represents 52% of ALL the traffic on the internet
  • YouTube alone represents 12% of al the internet traffic in the world
  • Video creates extended ‘time on site’ which is a key factor search engines take into account when determining site relevance
  • Google loves video – Google spiders video content within minutes of it being uploaded to the site.
  • YouTube is the number 2 search engine on the internet
  • Well made video creates belief and trust in the customer
  • Video is 6 times more likely to persuade a visitor to take action than a standard website, but fewer than 3% of online marketers are using it – yet.

About the social video marketing content

If you want the video to be watched and therefore passed on from person to person then you need to create content that has one or more of the following factors to ensure it will be of interest to your target audience.

  • Entertaining
  • Informative/educational
  • Solves a problem/helps them
  • Novelty/funny
  • Creates a feeling of amazement or surprise

If you can create social video marketing that provides any of these factors, aimed specifically at your target audience, then you will be able to create the level of interest that they will watch to the end and that is all you need to do.

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Creative Social Media Marketing

Creative social media marketing is one form of marketing that you would be unwise to neglect if you are serious about building your business, whether an online business or a traditional bricks and mortar business.

Social Media is not just about websites and advertising

There are millions of web2.0 sites in the world, and thousands that are there to provide a social network element to their users. But social networking is not about websites, though that is what many people think. Social networking is not about Facebook, Myspace, squidoo, blogs and social bookmarking sites, those are just the places that social networking happens.
Social networking is about individuals communicating on their own terms – they are in control of the communications, now you, so you must be relevant and interesting to them.
Where they want – in the old days online marketing was about getting people to your website so you can sell to them, but now it is about bring the message to them where they want to hang out.
With the people they want – if you are not relevant and interesting to them, then they will disconnect from you very quickly.
They communicate as a tribe – if you strike a note with them then they will tell their friends and your message will go viral. Become part of their tribe and let them promote you to their friends.

Creative Social Media Marketing is Multi-Media

Gone are the days when you can simply use flat websites with text and images and expect to hit the big time, that is old style Web1.0, and yet 97% of online business presences are exactly like that.
If you want to be effective in your social media marketing communications then be creative and use multi-media.

  • Video
  • Chat
  • Email
  • Audio
  • SMS
  • Articles
  • Blogs

However your target audience want you to communicate that is exactly how you should be communicating.

The Four ‘C’s of Social Media Marketing

There are four key factors to successful social media marketing and if you miss any one of them you will not get the massive results that you would like.

  • Capture
  • Connect
  • Communicate
  • Close


If you don’t have the ability to follow up with your audience you will loose them – you need to be able to keep in touch with them on an ongoing basis.
It takes an average of 5 to 7 communications before someone is ready to buy – too many businesses let people go away after just one contact.
Get them connected with you in a way that allows you to push information to them – make sure you are in the driving seat when it comes to your communications.


If you don’t connect with them in a way that keeps their interest then they will disconnect very quickly. Remember they can unsubscribe, disconnect or bloc you at any time.
You need to build rapport, create interest in what you have to say, build a tribe of like minded followers. Treat them like you would a friend you really care about.
Make sure you keep there interest:

  • Educate
  • Entertain
  • Help

If you are on there side, they will grow to trust you and that is a key factor in building your own tribe of raving fan customers.


Wherever someone wants you to communicate with them, that is exactly where you should be communicating with them:

  • Email
  • Facebook
  • RSS
  • Blog posts
  • SMS
  • Podcasts
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • iTunes
  • Any other route they want.

Be flexible, be multi-channel, be where your target audience wants you to be.


People buy from people they know, like and trust. That is why it is so important to follow all these steps. You can’t close a sale until you have completed the other steps.
Build the people who connect with you into a tribe. Make sure that you encourage the communication to be two way. Report back answers to questioned to the entire group.
Turn this tribe into paying customers that will love your products and love to talk about it to others. Once you have build rapport, built trust and successfully shown that you know your subject the sales process just needs you to put together an effective offer that encourages immediate action.
Create a sales process to generate the sales. Put together a comprehensive sales process that leads your prospects from initial contact through to raving fan customers.

The entire creative social media marketing process is designed to make the entire sales process one that builds your brand and makes the sale automatic.

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