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13 Steps To Protect Your Website From Hackers

Your website is more than just a brochure, it is your shop window on the Internet, the digital face of your brand, the most important part of your online image. So, if your site gets hacked it can massively damage your brand and your business prospects – possible even fatally.

The 13 steps outlined on this page are designed to ensure that your site is, as far as possible secure against hackers – or at least makes your site so difficult a target that they are likely to skip over to the next one.

Implement these steps and your site will be safer that 99.99% of the others on the web. Continue reading

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Global Botnet Targets Insecure WordPress Servers

According to server hosts Hostgator and Cloudflare, WordPress powered websites across the globe are being targeted by a botnet consisting of tens of thousands of personal computers that have been compromised.

The attack specifically targets installations that have an ‘admin’ username configured, trying thousands of possible passwords. It appears that the botnet has the ability to target the same server from up to 90,000 different IP addresses, which means normal login lockdown systems are not effective at blocking the attack. Continue reading

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