I know, I know! I tell all our customers that they really must keep their website design and branding up-to-date and fresh, but then why has it taken us 3 years to get round to redesigning our website?

The answer is simple – like so many other businesses out there, we get so focused on doing great work for our clients that we sometimes let our own branding and design lag behind. I’ve seen this in so many companies and as humans we are not immune to this.

I recently visited a company that have had the same website for over 10 years! They add new posts to it and they update the content as needed, but the design and structure of the site has not changed at all in that time. Getting them to see that they need to rebrand their website and possibly look at revamping the branding of their entire company did not go down very well, and it is not clear whether I will be able to persuade them of the need for a new look any time soon. The management of the company is extremely dedicated to building the very best products in their industry and their customers certainly get a great deal for their money, but … despite having probably the best products in their market at the best price, they sell less than 10% of the products that the top company does and they are not really making in-roads into building market share.

This is a common problem with companies that believe that all they need to do is build the best product at the best price and the customers will beat a path to their door – unfortunately the world doesn’t work like that. All too often we see companies with an inferior product taking the lion’s share of the market simply because they create a much better perception of their product or service in the market.

Having been so instrumental in helping so many companies regenerate their fortunes and create a better image for their business, we felt it was time, not just to update our site, but to completely redesign it from the ground up. The aim is to simplify the content and to encourage you and others like you who visit the site to navigate more and at the same time get more from it.

Also we wanted to make it easy for your to phone us, so every time the phone number is displayed on the site it includes a ‘tel:’ link so that you can click to dial directly from your smartphone or phone enabled computer.

I would appreciate your feedback on the new site and look forward to working with you in the future.


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